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Italian Ice For Your Sweet Wedding Day

Just when you thought an outdoor summer wedding couldn't get any sweeter, we bring the decadent flavors of Hermanas Italian Ice to the celebrations.

These flavorsome ice treats are perfect for couples who want to serve up something delightfully fresh at their beautiful rustic wedding. They can be used as an alternative to canapés during cocktail hour, as a dessert with the wedding cake, or as a late-night snack to fuel the celebrations into the early hours.

The flavors are an eye-catching pop of color that looks tempting at weddings kissed by the late afternoon sun. Pink lemonade, cherry lime and berry blast are always appreciated by your wedding guests in the festive mood to celebrate love. We also create customized flavors so that couples can match their Italian ice cups to their wedding color theme, favorite flavors, or invent a signature His and Hers Italian Ice treat. This modern take on signature cocktails delights wedding guests every time since many haven't seen this unique offering at a wedding before.

These exotic and fruity ice cups can be dropped off at the wedding venue, or we can cater with our lovely ice truck. Our staff (we love weddings) are happy to serve up the ice cups with as much joy and excitement as the guests will feel when they taste the cool delights. With real fruit and premium ingredients, all your special guests can enjoy our Italian ice cups, including the kids and loved ones who need healthy, gluten-free eats.

Our exotic, fruity ice cups are also popular at wedding events like bridal showers, welcome events, wedding rehearsals and post-wedding farewells. Labels for the cups [and spoons] could be personalized for your intimate backyard wedding or beachfront nuptials. This fancy icy treat is also light and easy to enjoy, making it ideal for serving before your wedding reception meal.

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