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Causes Hermanas Cares About

Did you know that Hermanas Italian Ice was founded to strongly support a cause we care about? Here are a few facts about Hermanas:

  • Hermanas was created as a way to support students in the Dominican Republic who seek to create more sustainable lives for their families and communities through technology careers. For more information about who and what we support:

    • 4generations - Founded by one of the founders of Hermanas Italian Ice, 4gen provides middle school and high school students with life-changing access to advanced technology classes.

    • Las Palmas Christian School - Serves to provide excellent education that challenges them to critically think and act as leaders.

    • Mercy Workshop - provides women in the Dominican Republic with a life of dignity through Christ-driven support, job skills training, educational opportunities, counseling, and crisis prevention.

  • We feel really good about creating an all-natural, packed with all-real fruit, lower sugar healthier treat - essentially providing you your serving of fruits for each day.

  • But Hermanas more so exists to help build up people in our community and parts of the world.

  • Hermanas is a family company owned and operated by several generations working together to create a lasting impact to a diverse market.


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