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Flavors Evoking Memories Of Happy Times

Every summer, we would sit on Grandma's porch and eat juicy watermelon as the world passed us by. Those sweet school holidays will always be in our memories, and to this day, the taste of watermelon triggers a feeling of joy, freedom and fun.

Our senses are powerful and can spark our memories of good times all the way back to childhood. It might be the taste of freshly-baked peanut brownies, lemon and honey in hot medicinal drinks or fruity flavors picked right off the tree.

Hermanas Italian ice loves the idea of how food can take us back in time, evoking precious memories. So when we are coming up with new flavors and taste testing the latest concoctions, the conversation often goes somewhere interesting. And we sometimes hear comments from customers as they try the cool ice treats.

"This reminds me of..."

Mango and tropical ice might take you back to a vacation in a sunny paradise. Autumn ice can remind you of fall road trips to visit family. Who wouldn't want to trigger Christmas memories of family celebrations with winter ice, a blend of cranberry, ginger and acai berry?

When your memory is sparked by a sentimental sight, scent or taste, it can be as subtle as the ocean breeze or as vague as deja vu. As the feeling washes over you, wouldn't it be nice to hold on to it for a little longer?

Our inspiring flavors can help you hold onto your wedding day memories. Serving up Hermanas Italian ice at your celebration will be memorable because of the unique catering idea, bright colors that will pop in the photos and the sweet memories of your best day ever that can be evoked every time you eat it.

Couples usually choose 2-3 flavors for the cold treats that are a big hit at weddings and events. We can customize flavors so you bring back some of your favorite memories with ingredients that are significant to your love story. At Hermanas Italian Ice, we get obsessed with all the possibilities that love stories can bring. Let's talk about how we can create wedding day ice treats for your guests that are infused with love, memories and fresh flavors they will love.


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